Event 201: Was the Corona Virus planned?

Event 201 appeared late last year (2019) which begs the question, was the Coronavirus planned and if so why? You can find the rest on youtube, it really is worth a watch!

One World Government has been a theory for some time; dismissed and ridiculed as being nothing more than a conspiracy of foil hat wearing lunatics. But is it really? How long did it take to lockdown the entire world – give or take a few countries? It took a matter of months, weeks even. All that was needed was a silent killer; a pandemic – something to sweep across the globe that would have everyone stop in their tracks and allow governments bring in measures to combat it without even questioning what freedoms have been eroded.

If the ‘crazies’ (that is my pet name for them) had come to the public with their plan to bring in their One World Government, what would have been the outcome? Would the public have been this compliant – of course not, no right-thinking person would have agreed to being locked down for weeks on end, only permitted to go outside to shop or take exercise. No social contact, no social interaction. Nothing. Is there a pandemic? You bet your bottom dollar there is. Was it released deliberately? I shall leave you to decide for yourselves?

When this pandemic is over and it will be over, remember what freedoms you had, and what freedoms have gone. Only the public can change this – but will they?




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